Community Pet Care is an amazing group of volunteers working in New Jersey and surrounding areas. We specialize in smaller dogs and cats with manageable medical and behavioral needs, rehabilitate them, and place them in new adoptive homes.

Community Pet Care aims to save lives while utilizing a community minded approach to rescue. We want to work hand in hand with other local rescues, shelters and veterinary professionals to make it easier for those who would like to give a loving forever home to a homeless pet.

Community Pet Care (a division of Animal Welfare Society of NJ) is a grassroots non-profit organization with a small group of dedicated and experienced animal advocates. We focus on our primary “fixer-upper”, smaller dogs, we always consider any animal in need. If we cannot personally provide assistance we will do whatever we can to assist those in need using our resources and numerous animal advocate friends and rescue contacts.

PUPdates from CPC 

Pupdate: Welcome Texas Pups to NJ!

Thanks to CPC's Jessie Leighton and her team the pups have arrived back to New Jersey from Texas! Thank you to all who have been donating including Petsmart Rio Grande, NJ, HousePaws and to all of the volunteers who came to help out and welcome these pups when they...

Pupdate: On Our Way Back from Texas!

Jessie and her team has a car full of dogs who are now safe from Hurricane Harvey and they are on their way back to New Jersey! This rescue journey has just begun. We will need our community to help us with extra hands and extra hearts in the coming weeks! 

Pupdate: Hurricane Harvey Trip

“This amazing Texas woman let us borrow “Big Red” to save dogs! Big Red has hauled for so many different rescues and she’s so proud Big Red can help save these dogs with Community Pet Care as well!” 
The woman’s name is Reggie and I am so grateful to her!” 

Happy Tails 

After several months of medical treatment, Raylee found a perfect FUREVER home with a family that will give her a lifetime of love.

These sweet little kittens were living in the street and picked up by animal control. Covered with fleas and very skinny they were placed into foster care. Thankfully they have fully recovered and found their forever homes with this very loving couple.